Removing account locks

Your account will be locked if you fail a set number of login attempts. Please see below for how to unlock your account.

Unlock your via email

Once your account has been locked, an email with the subject line below will be sent to the email address you use to log in with.

Subject: Chatwork: Your account has been locked.

Click the "Unlock Account" button provided in this email to remove the lock from your account.

*Emails for unlocking your account can only be sent once per hour.
*Please add the following email address to your list of permitted contacts if you have specific settings for allowing incoming emails, inbox filters, etc.

Change password

You can unlock your account by changing your password.

Ask an administrator to change your password

With the Business Plan or Enterprise Plan, administrators can issue new passwords to any users that they manage.

Please ask an administrator (or a User Admin) who has the Business Plan or Enterprise Plan.

*Under the Free Plan, administrators cannot change the login info for any users within the organization.

If you're unable to find a solution

If you're unable to receive emails for unlocking your account, then please use the "Inquiry Form" to contact us.